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As a family-run business, lawyer for car accident takes pleasure in giving each of our clients the individual attention they require. We put all of our effort and resources into every case, ensuring that your rights are upheld using our considerable experience and resources. We employ efficient techniques to ensure you receive the best medical care and have access to fair and reasonable compensation as a Toronto car accident lawyer with over 50 years of expertise handling every vehicle accident claim.

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Managing Your Toronto Car Accident Claim

Physical and mental injuries sustained in automobile accidents may make it difficult for victims to resume their regular lives, care for their loved ones, or return to work or school. Compensation is frequently a complicated and drawn-out process. A significant auto accident injury might negatively impact any aspect of your life, including your job and family. In addition, you could need medical care not provided by OHIP due to an accident injury, such as assistive equipment for safety, home adaptations, help with self-care, cleaning, therapies, or psychiatric care.

One of Ontario’s top car accident attorneys is car accident lawyer near me. Over the last 50 years, our attorneys have fought for thousands of clients, and our record of success speaks for itself. Our lawyer accident car handle all auto accident claims in Toronto, including those involving defective vehicles, and take on the burden of seeking compensation while you concentrate on your rehabilitation. When defending clients in court, our staff collaborates with insurers, professionals, and medical institutions to ensure they obtain all the compensation or accident benefits they are due.

After a vehicle accident, filing a personal injury lawsuit requires sifting through a confusing maze of protocols, including court filings and fact-finding procedures. You may handle this trip with the aid of Ontario car accident lawyer. Our top concern is to provide you with the most effective medical treatment and compensation as quickly as possible so you can get back to living your life.

Did a family member pass away in a collision, or did you get hurt in a car accident?

Lawyer car accident can assist if you or a family member were killed or badly wounded in a motor vehicle accident. For more than 50 years, our knowledgeable team has advocated for Ontario’s most vulnerable accident victims, giving them encouragement, compassion, and aggressive representation when needed. Best car accident lawyer strive to provide accident victims who have suffered terrible losses outcomes that may change their lives.

What Does a Car Accident Lawyer Charge?

You will only be required to pay for legal services provided by car accident claim lawyer on a contingency basis once your claim is settled. So instead, your automobile accident lawyer in Toronto will accept money as a predetermined percentage of the overall settlement sum. This approach to legal expenses guarantees that we can give every Ontarian in need access to justice, regardless of their financial situation.

How to Pick the best car accident lawyer?

We advise all potential clients to conduct as much research as possible to ensure they are happy with the car accident lawyer they select. Numerous personal injury law companies with varied degrees of experience may be found in Toronto, but lawyer accident car is confident that we can offer an unmatched blend of compassion and knowledge. We will set up a free, no-obligation session so you may ask any questions before starting our legal journey together. Contact us right now to arrange your kick-off meeting.

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You won't be charged unless your lawsuit is won.

When Do I Need a Toronto Lawyer for car accident?

An expert Toronto, car accident lawyer near me is necessary if you have been badly hurt in a vehicle accident. Toronto lawyer car accident will fight for your rights whether you’re dissatisfied with the scope of benefits provided by your insurance company or want to pursue further compensation by filing a civil lawsuit against an at-fault party.

How Will a Motor Vehicle Accident in Toronto Affect My Compensation?

Ontario car accident lawyer battled various vehicle accident cases, including disagreements with insurance companies and civil actions involving private parties. In the first scenario, our experts will ensure that your insurance company pays you a sufficient amount in accident benefits. In the second, we’ll provide you get all the money you’re due regarding compensation.

Do Toronto Car Accident Lawsuits Lead to Litigation?

Many cases that our auto accident attorneys file are resolved outside of court via arbitration, mediation, or other methods. However, our Toronto automobile accident attorneys quickly present your case before a court or jury. We have extensive expertise in offering matters before Canadian courts at all levels.

All fees are only charged once your claim is accepted

Our tried-and-true approach will help you get the accident benefits you are entitled to. Car accident claim lawyer, located in Toronto and covering the whole province of Ontario, will pursue your personal injury claim without charging you any upfront or hourly costs. However, there will be expenses once your case is won.

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We're Here To Help You Recover Financially and Legally

When someone is hurt, they are frequently unable to work, which places a heavy financial strain on the victim and their relatives. We are aware of the hardships and severe financial stress that our clients are through.

We employ the contingency fee model because of this. By this arrangement, the client is only responsible for fees or costs once the case is won. There won’t be any legal expenses if the client loses the action and receives no financial compensation.

Car Accident Legal Advisers

We Have Expertise in Your Claim

Our mission is to ensure that Ontario’s most vulnerable people receive the counsel they need. We have experience in all Ontario personal injury areas.

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You may be entitled to sue for considerable damages in a negligence case, distinct from an insurance claim for accident benefits. These include lost wages, medical bills, suffering, and out-of-pocket costs. In Canada, civil cases are intended to be compensatory rather than to produce a “windfall” so that the wounded person can return to the situation they were in before the disaster, to the degree that compensation can do this. The severity and circumstances of your injuries will generally determine the worth of your claim.

According to the Limitations Act, you have two years in Ontario following an automobile accident to file a lawsuit. However, you have 30 days after the accident to submit a claim for statutory accident benefits.

You must contact our Toronto car accident lawyer as soon as you can. However, two years might seem like a long time; acquiring information such as witness accounts, police records, and expert medical opinions can take time.

The short answer is “yes” A claim that you were driving carelessly or recklessly and caused harm may be made against you by a pedestrian, cyclist, motorcyclist, automobile driver, or any other party involved in the collision.

Insurance firms and insurance adjusters are off your side, especially not the ones working for the at-fault motorist. They will utilize any medical data to lower your settlement and contest your claim.

If an insurance adjuster requests access to your medical records, contact one of our lawyer for car accident immediately.

Most accident victims believe they contributed in some way to the collision. Therefore, you need to have a comprehensive picture of the circumstances leading up to the accident because you participated in it.

Only accept responsibility for an accident once you have consulted with one of our Toronto car accident lawyer near me. Be careful how you communicate; remember that insurance firms frequently search for methods to lessen their risk.

You could proceed without legal representation if the vehicle accident were minor, the facts weren’t in question, and your injuries weren’t serious. However, a lawsuit can be worth considering if you believe the insurance settlement will not fully cover your pain and suffering, loss of income, or long-term rehabilitation.

Each case involving a personal injury is unique. However, our Toronto lawyer accident car know that severe wounds can have many immediate or long-term effects, including memory loss.

Our Ontario car accident lawyer can assist you in putting together a compelling claim and taking into consideration your contradictory memories. In addition, we defend our clients’ credibility against unjust attacks by opposing counsel and, where appropriate, submit an expert medical opinion to support your case.

After a car accident, seeing a doctor is always a good idea. While most catastrophic injuries are instantly noticeable, others may not show symptoms for several weeks or months. Sometimes, injuries that first seem minor might worsen over time.

For indications of probable interior damage, your doctor could consider undergoing further scans or testing. You can gain a better knIn addition, and you edge off your physical health by visiting a doctor; they may be able to spot problems hidden from the untrained eye, such as a concussion or hairline fracture.

Additionally, when you see a doctor following a vehicle accident, an official record of your appointment is created. If you file a personal injury claim, this medical file may be crucial for Toronto lawyer car accident.

Every personal injury case is unique; some claims result in legal proceedings, while others are settled out of court. Several variables, such as the following, determine whether your issue needs to be resolved in court:

  • Situations surrounding the accident
  • Whether the interested parties claim fault
  • The type of injury you (and others) have
  • Evidence that supports your assertion is available.
  • How cruel the opposing party is

Yes. Because of Ontario’s no-fault accident compensation system, all accident participants are eligible for payments regardless of who was at fault. The insurance company defending the case may claim that you contributed to your injuries by failing to use a seatbelt if you decide to file a lawsuit against the at-fault motorist. Our vehicle accident attorneys in Toronto are skilled in handling the “seatbelt defence,” which goes by this name.


Hear from our clients about their life-changing outcomes.

Jeffrey Heath

I wholeheartedly endorse employing car accident lawyer if you ever get hurt. During a trying moment in my life, this was a fantastic experience. Everyone was kind, timely, and empathetic regarding my case and well-being. They were also upfront and truthful at every turn. Again, many thanks. Try them out; you'll be glad you did.

Adam Sherman

Legal adviser for car accident has impressed me. In addition, my lawyer and his staff continuously gave me legal counsel and emotional support throughout the procedure. They were trustworthy, sympathetic, approachable, and kind. They always put my care first. Lawyer accident car does a fantastic job; I was pleasantly surprised by the ultimate settlement. Therefore, I heartily endorse best car accident lawyer.

Shirley Askew

I contacted the car accident claim lawyer, and they immediately began working on my case. I always thought they were putting their best effort into my case. They persisted in talking until he came to the best agreement he could. Everyone on the crew constantly displayed professionalism and respect. Thank you very much to everyone who worked on my file!

Rebecca Seymour

As a result of Ontario car accident lawyer superb handling of my case, I can heartily recommend him. He promptly responded to me by phone or email whenever I had queries or concerns. He was upfront and honest at every turn, showing compassion for my situation and well-being. Again, many thanks.

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